On May 9 (9/5), we declared it to be our international day… and therefore yours! In just one day, we helped dozens of companies (and even emerging projects) with their communications 💡 The concept was simple: for one day, on the occasion of May 9 (9/5), we opened a “Hotline 95” to offer our advice, opinions and ideas free of charge. ☎️

  • Client

    Nonante Cinq

To sum up

Our team was fully mobilized and we dealt with a wide variety of requests throughout the day… A day that became very very busy, to say the least! 😅. Restaurants, ASBLs, tech startups, artists and even skincare brands: each request was specific and benefited from tailor-made ideas and recommendations 🔍

We’re delighted to have been able to bring our expertise to these companies, and we know how complicated it can be to take your project to the next level without a communications agency. Sometimes, a one-hour discussion can unlock new perspectives. That’s what we want to keep doing!

One thing's for sure: we'll be doing it again next year. In the meantime, other special days may take place... Stay tuned! 🤫

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