The history of our agency , is written every day.

From 1995 to Nonante Cinq: the creation of the agency
With a decade of media work (print, radio, television) under his belt, @Nathan Soret founded Nonante Cinq in 2017. At the time, he was 22 years old… You guessed it: Nathan was born in 1995, and that’s where the name of our agency comes from!
A few years later, the average age of our 7-strong team is around 25. So, yes, that may sound rather young when compared to the world of communications. But for us, it’s probably one of our greatest strengths: we have an eye for both “traditional” media, and new trends, digital or not, which we’re just as passionate about. What’s more, our team includes people with a wide range of passions (culture, media, writing, graphic design, sport…).

Our area of expertise

We’re proud to say that our “area of genius” is public relations! Thanks to our solid, multi-sector address book, we have the ability to get business off the ground and sometimes even change the lives of the clients we work with, by putting them in front of the right media, creating strategic connections and generating the right opportunities for them. This is the main part of our work, along with consultancy : since we have a 360° vision of communications, we can advise clients at different stages in their project, whether on strategic, creative or more tactical aspects.


Since a picture is worth a thousand words, a video report is even more valuable to discover more about us! Immerse yourself in the world of Nonante Cinq through a portrait produced by the Canal Z business channel in March 2023. Here, Nathan tells the story of the agency’s creation, gives an overview of our clients, our expertise and shares some of our achievements.

A laboratory of ideas

Alongside all the projects we set up for our clients, we often have ideas for concepts we like to implement for ourselves. The goal: to challenge ourselves, strengthen our connections or support projects that are close to our hearts. That’s why we’ve developed such powerful concepts as conferences, communication campaigns, audiovisual content and… a 100% digital music festival! Here are just a few examples.

Swipe Up Festival

On June 21st, 2020, we introduced the inaugural 100% digital festival an entirely free event broadcasted across 10 diverse platforms. Amidst the lockdown and in celebration of the Fête de la Musique, our aim was to provide online audiences with an unparalleled experience that captured the essence of a traditional festival: thus, the Swipe Up Festival was born! Featuring 12 hours of uninterrupted live performances, a lineup boasting 28 confirmed and emerging Belgian artists such as Alice on the Roof, Loic Nottet, Alex Germys, Glauque, Konoba, and Ana Diaz, alongside exclusive content—all in support of the Belgian Red Cross. The festival was also rebroadcasted throughout the summer on Plug RTL and Radio Contact, ensuring a continued celebration of music and charity.

Conferences Secrets de

Launched in 2019, the “Secrets de” conferences aim to shed light on hidden professions, the inner workings of which are often unknown or even misunderstood by the general public. After two conferences focusing on the world of artist managers & a special edition on festivals during Swipe Up, we have developed the “Secrets de” brand in the form of podcasts, accessible on a unique website.

Sauce à part

In 2021, we launched our own Spotify playlist, Sauce à Part: a tasty 95-minute selection of our 100% Belgian favorite artists. Hip-hop, R’N’B, pop, etc. during the 6 months of this capsule project, there was something for everyone. To accompany the playlist, we created a jar of “Sauce à part”, in the colors of Belgium. We sent it to various Belgian influencers & artists to promote the playlist!
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