Belgian Cardiological League

As part of a campaign to raise awareness of a (too) little-known disease, the Belgian Cardiological League called on us to develop a 360 campaign.

The main character of this campaign is atherosclerosis, a disease that silently affects 750,000 Belgians. Since atherosclerosis is at the root of most cardiovascular diseases, it is classified as the world’s leading cause of death. Atherosclerosis can therefore be considered the world’s biggest serial killer.

  • Client

    Ligue Cardiologique Belge

  • Mission

    Advertising campaign


Social Media & OOH

It’s this statistic that we’ve decided to play on for this awareness campaign, conducted in the form of an investigation, by broadcasting clues left by this notorious killer on the League’s social networks as well as on city screens. These clues are always accompanied by a message of prevention, pointing out that it’s never too late to adopt the right habits to escape this statistic.

Landing Page

We also designed the web page to which users were directed to find out more about the disease. 👉 Discover the landing page
Social networks

Video capsules

Video capsules have been created with the help of cardiology professors to simplify information and enlighten us on the weapons of this notorious serial killer, as well as on how to avoid it. 👉 Discover them on the Belgian Cardiological League’s social media.

Radio spot

Our prevention message was also relayed on the radio, through a spot with an enigmatic tone reminiscent of the campaign’s universe.

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For Dutch speakers 🇳🇱

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