Naki is the start-up that runs a network of shared portable batteries all over Europe! The principle is as simple as that of electric scooters: you rent, you use, and you drop off the battery at the station of your choice once you’ve finished charging;
The main objective was to develop Naki’s brand image, particularly in Belgium. To achieve this, our role was to implement a global communications strategy aimed to:

Increase visual identification of the brand
Facilitate understanding of the service
Develop strategic partnerships

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  • Mission

    Consultancy, Graphic production, Audiovisual production, Community management, Sponsoring, Creative ideas

Social media

We set up an editorial calendar with several objectives: to develop Naki’s brand image, to go back over how battery rental works, and to work on the brand’s tone through disruptive content. Community management extended to all Naki’s social networks (Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, LinkedIn). We regularly fed them with different post formats: photos, graphic visuals, promotional videos or motion design. To raise the profile of the service, we also handled content sponsoring.

Creative brief

We also created a medium-term development strategy for the start-up. On this basis, we brainstormed creative/marketing ideas to implement in order to achieve our goal. These ideas could take different forms: concepts for physical, print or digital campaigns, partnerships, events, goodies, etc. Gathered monthly in a document, we could then discuss them with the client and decide to implement some of these ideas.

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