Our work with the “Lisez-vous le belge?” label to promote French-speaking Belgian books involves two different clients. The first is Wallonie-Bruxelles International, whose aim was to create this label to promote the richness of our books internationally. To achieve this, we created a visual identity, website and goodies.

Our second client is Le PILEn (le Partenariat Interprofessionnel du Livre et de l’Édition numérique), for whom we are in charge of promotional campaigns in Wallonia and Brussels.

  • Client

    Lisez-vous le belge ?

  • Mission

    Public relations, Graphic production, Community management, Advertising campaign, Video production, Goodies

Visual identity and website with WBI

First, we created the visual identity for “Lisez-vous le belge? The challenge? A sober, elegant identity with a book theme, blended with the absurdity and quirkiness of Belgian DNA. We therefore opted for a black and white logo that could easily be derived in any language, while playing on the mirror-like effect of certain letters.

We then developed this identity for social networks, a website and goodies.

The national campaigns to promote Belgian books

With the PILEn, we took on another challenge: the launch and perpetuation of an annual campaign to promote French-speaking Belgian books… on a national scale this time! The aim was to put the entire sector in the spotlight and raise the profile of Belgian books among the general public.

For the first four editions (to date), we were in charge of public relations for the entire month of November, both nationally and locally. A colossal task, requiring extensive editorial research. We also took care of social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn: editorial calendar, community management, graphic productions, video production, sponsoring, etc.), as well as the event itself.


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